Sunday, July 20, 2008

Heard from the back of the car.....

"Grandpa loved me best of all", said my son. "Are you sure?", retorted his sister. "He loved me first before you were even a thought in my mind". You see, she had asked for her brother. " Did he take you on train rides?" he asks."Yes, he did". "Well, he was thinking there will be another and HE WILL BE A GREAT ONE" said the rascal!

Children, your Grandpa loved both of you equally but in different yet same way (ha, ha that's Mama mumbo jumbo talk) But I hate to break it to you all, Grandpa LOVE MOMMY BEST OF ALL! I was his first born.

THE END.........

Friday, July 18, 2008

How Does My Garden Grow?

It has been one busy and exciting summer already. So many new things in my life. Beginning with creation of my mini orchard and kitchen garden, a birthday gift from my beloved husband. Absolutely perfect gift! Love it, love, love it! I thought I'll start my blog there, my garden.

I know, my sister is thinking- what about your beautiful, precious nephew? Well, I am still wary about this blogging thing. Once it is out there, it is out there they tell me. I do not know if I want to put his precious face out there just yet. Hmm, maybe I can show you him.

Take a Look - Butt Beautiful Nephew

Now, back to my garden. Yes, never forget it is all about me. We started back in late April. Putting a new lawn, redoing our patio and building of our raised beds for the Kitchen Garden. It was hard work cutting the composite planks to size. Of course, we did it the old fashioned( and hard way) with a hand saw. Ha, ha. That did not last long, when we decided to build more beds. We had Home Depot cut them to size. Of course, you do know cutting to size means different things to different people. Yes, they cut some of the planks to sizes of their own but not enough pairing of those to make a 4 sided bed! That's life. We had been through enough projects to know, bitch then carry on.

I had started 9 varieties of Heirloom Tomatoes from seeds that I purchased from Seed Exchange! Crazy because I had such a hard time fitting them all in my Kitchen Garden. As the summer went on and the Tomato Scare was on, I felt real good about my tomatoes and how it was going to save us. Along with tomatoes, I started Bok Choi,Cucumbers, Tomatillos, Cilantro, Basils, Parsley and Peppers. I sowed the Mesclun mix and Arugala directly in the beds. Yummy! Maybe,we can live off our kitchen garden this year. Did I tell you the basil smells heavenly?

Watch the slideshow to see how my Kitchen Garden came to be and a glimpse of my mini orchard.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why not blog?

Should I blog? I ask my daughter, as I am driving her to wherever I am always driving her. "Sure", she says. What do I blog about? "Bitch and moan about your children", she replies. "Wait, your cooking so that I can get the recipes when I go to college", she adds.

I ask my sister the same question. She says a blog about Asian plants, The trials and adventures of raising teenagers or letters to my newly born nephew, her son. It would seem my love ones have an ulterior motive or two!

Why not blog? I have already been through so many changes in my lifetime that I forgotten what it was like before..... When measurements were gantang and chupak to pounds and ounces to the grams and kilograms. From when I did not know what was a floppy drive to TB hard drives that I can hold in my hand- so unimaginable, when I stood in the cold computer room surrounded by mega computers.
Moving to and living in a country, a world apart from my birth place.

For months now I have wondered about the people who blog. Who are they, where do they find so much time to blog let alone live! Why do they blog? How difficult is it? Just recently my lovely niece showed me her blog The Silver Mandoline, about her culinary adventures. I had been taking pictures of my cooking this past year with an aim of creating a digital scrapbook. It started me thinking......

Never one to let technology leave me too far behind. Always one to say I can do it too (hopefully I don't fall flat on my face). To better understand the world my children live in, I now embrace, albeit hesitantly blogging.