Sunday, December 29, 2013

Miguel's Jalapeno White Sauce

I fell in love with this dip/sauce the first time I had it at Miguel's; a Mexican seafood restaurant here in San Diego. It came with baskets of chip as an appetizer before the meal. I ate too much of it needless to say! I loved it so much than when I was packing up my leftovers from dinner that night, I scraped every last bit of the sauce into my box. I took the leftovers home to my daughter and had her taste the Queso Dip. Another person now obsessed with this dip/sauce!! Apparently, the waiters will give you the recipe if you ask for it so it was fairly easy to find it on the internet. This is my second time recreating this dip/sauce. I think it is quite a delicious simile of the legendary sauce. Give it a try!

2 cups whipping cream (470g)
1 cup sour cream (254g)
1 tsp chicken base
2 tbsp. flour
1 pickled jalapeno, minced (30g)
1 tbsp. juice from bottled jalapenos (30g)
2 oz shredded jack cheese
2 oz shredded cheddar

Red the Fox

We had a blast making elephant and mouse. I will not lie, we struggled with letting them go because they were so adorable. It made it a little easier that the Fox Amigurumi is staying home with us.

Made the head first. Add the muzzler and embroidered the nose. Attached the safety eyes and stuffed the head.

What does the Fox say?

What does the Fox say?

The Fox say " I miss you Elephant and Mouse. I know you will enjoy living in the Forest living with lovely Sophie. She loves you already. Share her secrets, make her laugh, wipe away her tears. She will introduce you to Poopsie and Plum and their lively gang- Gary the Hog, Mung the Bird, Zin the Bear and the Pole brothers. What a glorious time you'll have. Cannot wait to hear about your adventures when we meet in Imagination Forest! Love you"