Saturday, April 9, 2011


I have been here since March 30, waiting for my niece Sophie to grace the world with her presence. For awhile, before I flew across the country to be with my sister as she welcomes her second child and to help with those initial blurry nights and days of a newborn, we worried I would not be on time!! Needless worry..... Her brother was 10 days late and she wanted to follow suit. I had almost given up hope of seeing her before my trip ended. Today, 6 days after her due date, she is deciding to grace us with her presence. She is making her track into the world even as I am writing this blog posting.

This morning, my sister had a hankering for some scones. As I gathered the ingredients for an Orange Raisin Scones, my sister leaned on wall by the kitchen and remarked " Hmm, that might be a contraction". I was not falling for that! We had some false alarms along the way- only to be punctuated with a "No contraction at all" proclamation during yesterday's stress test. Turns out, it is the Real Thing this time. In honor of this event I am calling this scone -"Orange You  Coming Sophie?" Scones - get it???