Saturday, May 22, 2010

Spring 2010 in my garden

I thought I would post some updated pictures of what is happening in my garden. It has been a strange spring. It seems like we had a lot more rain then usual but that also means it was colder longer than normal. Seedlings sprouted but never really grew. I had to pull up Kai Lan, Garland Chrysanthemum/ Tong Ho and Broccoli Rabe plants because they grew too slowly. They were old before they grew of size. Basil plants set out in March are only just taking off as the weather warms up.Next year, I will work on a cold frame structure or hoops to increase warmth of seedlings.

Moorish Tortilla !

First there were the projects with the scraps of yarns.... then more yarn was purchased to finish off the project that the scraps started. See where I am going........ One of the places it lead me to was the making of I fondly refer to as my Moorish Tortilla! Beautiful vibrant Tortilla.

Luscious Moorish Tortilla!

Hooking my way through the Web

After my fascination with making Amigurumi last year, I was left with various quantities of yarn of various colors. I visited various sites on the internet and was inspired to make a couple of fashion and home items. Here are some samples of what I made and the original that inspired them.

Surprisingly warm necklace
White Flower Necklace-Creative Yarn

Hand Warmer
Oatmeal, Tan and Gray Hand Warmers
1st logical yarn scrap project

Hexagon How

Here is Crochet Cake I made for my friend Charlotte's birthday last year. She complained that I never made her a birthday cake so "I did"! Hidden under the Crochet Cake was a delicious Flourless Chocolate Cake Kit from William Sonoma. So I made her a cake And no I did not- she had to make the cake herself. Clever right??

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Potions, lotions, markers and crayons - for the Grown Up Girl

I was too excited to receive the Sephora catalog, me thinks.  What am I talking about? Have you seen the Tokidoki line of makeup? Sumptuous!! Markers for grownups. Those beautiful colors. They had me at first glance.

When I read that those waterproof eyeliners can be used to draw temporary tattoo on skin......  Simone Legno, Tokidoki's  creator is shown here PLAYING :) What fun!

I have been fascinated  with Tokidoki for awhile now. Last year I bought my daughter some Tokidoki rain boots! Now I just want the whole makeup range they have at Sephora. I am not sure if it is the makeup I want or the gorgeous packaging they come in... maybe both.

I love those oh so cute characters. Take a look and see if you dare disagree with me!

These past few years I seem to regain my interest in makeup... subconsciously regressing into the teenager I was. Ha, ha. Don't get me wrong I do not wear all that much makeup, actually almost none most days. I just love the colors and the packaging and the promise of how it can transform me into this Beauty. Just like jewelry that I make and love,  do I wear them? Rarely. So much so I think the holes in ears for earrings have become smaller.....I actually have to make a conscious effort to put on jewelry But I do love them.

At 50, I am more about skincare routine than makeup. (don't open my drawers or those pots of eye shadows will come tumbling out!). I am a Philosophy Girl! I cleanse with Real Purity at night and Micro Delivery Exfoliating Wash in the morning on a good day. Otherwise, Real Purity morning and night. Hope in a Jar has been my main moisturizer for 5 years. It just sinks into the skin like a tall drink of water, like the cliche but oh so true. Most important is I apply sunscreen each and every day- Dr. Denese SPF30 Defense Cream, a full spectrum tinted sunscreen moisturizer. I truly believe that sunscreen is the most important part of my skin care. Unfortunately, despite all the sunscreen I am getting freckles!! Relatively wrinkle free but sun kisses! I have to step it up and reapply sunscreen during the day somehow or maybe stop gardening when it is hottest!!

             Cleansers                                                                 Moisturiser and eye cream

           The only things I wear on my face most days - SUNSCREEN!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

OMG !!!!

A little over a week ago I "celebrated" my 50th Birthday.OMG !!! Not because I turn 50 but all the comments and the reactions......People, I turned 50. I am not stepping over to the other side. Life is not over. Not by far. It reminds me of my 20s when I get comments like "but you are married!" It did not stop me from pursuing an challenging career, sometimes travel alone or admiring a good looking guy who was not my husband. Ha, ha, like I say to this day, I am married not dead!!( I am still married almost 25 years later). Now, I say I am 50 and enjoying life.