Friday, June 2, 2017

My garden in the Fall 2012

More snapshots  - this time from the Fall 2012, of my San Diego garden. 5 years ago!!!

My life has been a non-stop whirlwind of activities and events since the school year began. Hence, the lapse in blog postings......I thought I start by showing what has been happening in my garden.

My original pandanus plant from Well Sweep Farm in New Jersey!! See the baby pandanus plants at its base. I remember the owner of the nursery telling how subceptible the pandanus was to the cold.They had at one resorted to buying back plants from their customers to restart/ strengthen their stock of pandanus. I had this pandanus plant for over 10 years, taking it inside during the winter and letting it enjoy sunny warm days outside.This plant and its babies would survive until 2014 when it succumbed to an irrigation accident. We had gone away for a trip and my irrigation had failed..... Unfortunately, it was a scorching summer. No amount of watering could revive my beloved pandan.

Black Jack Fig has been a staple of my San Diego garden for many years. To me, it is one of the most delicious of the figs.

Dragon fruit flowering! This did not happen too often!
 Dragon Fruit

Turmeric is flower


Friday, May 19, 2017

Sunny winter day in the garden 2016

Remembering that I started this blog way back when, partly to keep a journal of my gardening efforts, I decided to post draft posts lingering on my dashboard. It was nice to note that I did try to post more often in 2016, and did, even if it did not make it to be being publish. Snapshots 📷 from the Temecula garden in December 2016.

December 4, 2016

A sunny 🌞 winter day in the garden.

Tuscan Kale continues to grow in the cooler weather, but now the damp weather is encouraging a white flies infestation. Will try to cut off affected leaves and trim plant to see if I can save the plant. Otherwise, time to pull out the kale plant.

Is it May already?

May 7, 2017

So, does it count if your last blog post was dated January 8, 2017 and you were blogging about an event in December, 2016??? I thought for sure, I had not posted in 2017. 😂😂 It is almost moot point as I found somehow the video link to the Persimmon bag unwrapping is broken. Will have to fix that before I publish this post.

So what has been happening? A lot, yet not .... since winter came and put the garden to sleep. We had been, and continue to clean out our San Diego garden; purging and selecting what to retain, what to transplant to Temecula garden. 

I had been busy saying a soft goodbye to my San Diego garden even as I started transferring my gardening efforts to my Temecula garden. Moving potted plants one by one to the new garden. Taking cuttings, re-taking cuttings again and again, as the cuttings fail to root. Where were my green fingers when I needed them?? I am known as the person who could go to a restaurant and bring home a sprig of garnish and viola! behold a new plant or two. When I need to bring part of San Diego garden with me, nothing seems to root. Or, if it roots, I get a little help from a mischievous red poodle puppy, who is big into chewing anything in site, especially from my garden. Lol!! Lucky she is such a cutie.

Will be posting more regularly soon...I hope. Meanwhile, I will complete the various draft postings lingering on the back end and publish them.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

The reveal of packaged beauties

December 3, 2016

I have waiting for some time now to put up this video. Each year, cutting down the bagged persimmons and opening the bags is like a Gardener's Christmas/ Birthday for me. I realized that I had never videod the event. Here's a little clip so everyone can share in my joy!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Paper Bag Tree - Giant Fuyu Persimmon

August 28, 2016

It is SO SURREAL! I cannot believe that this will be the last season I will be harvesting Persimmon from my beloved Giant Fuyu Persimmon tree - The Autumn Queen of my San Diego orchard. The tree is too established; almost 17 years old, and too big to be transplanted. Regretfully, so far, air layering has failed to produce any viable plants. I am just going to have to buy plant one or two of the Giant Fuyu Persimmon for Temecula garden.

The sight of bird eaten Persimmons finally kicked me into action. Each time I decided I was going into the garden to wrap the ripening Fuyu Persimmon, I mentally kicked myself because I had made yet another trip to the grocery store without buying the needed paper lunch bags!!! Finally, I had to make my third and specific trip to buy the necessary lunch bags.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Jujube Harvest

August 29, 2016
I am crunching on a sweet juicy crunchy fresh Jujube (Ziziphus Jujuba) as I am writing this post. It reminds me of a fresh apple just smaller. Jujube is a fast growing tree and quick to start producing fruit. I would say the only downside are the thorns. You have to be careful harvesting the fruits. Wait...the other downside is the birds love them as much as I do.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Pear -Cardamom Walnut Scones

August 20, 2016 

The fridge and freezer cleanout continues. I have been trying to cook our way out of my pantry, freezer and cupboard so that we will have limited supplies when we move. I spied a few blocks of Pulgra butter in my freezer and a couple of ripe pears in the fridge. Perfect for the Cardamon Pear Scones I had earmarked to make from Baking with Less Sugar book. I had to make do with pecans as I had yet to replenish my walnut supply after giving the bag to my sister.