Monday, February 25, 2013

Spring time sprucing and making babies!

My body is aching from the hours spent hunched over my succulent collection yesterday. It is a good ache...I got a lot done. It is nice to be outside again, without being burdened by heavy winter coats. Much as I enjoyed the change of being in wintery New York these past two weeks, I did not enjoy donning the heavy coats outside, the hot dry air inside, looking at the bare gardens and how early it darken each day. I am glad to be back in San Diego.

Reviving Succulent

I worked on neglected succulents to rejunevate them for the new year. As a testimont to their hardiness, you can see the rosette of the live echiveria in the center of the brown ring of the dead leaves. They were in a pot that was not connected to any water source, totally dependent on San Diego 11" of annual rainfall and the occasional douse of water from the hose should I notice it at the times it needed water. Echeveria will become leggy as it grows. Most of the brown leaves will still be green and not shrivel brown like in this picture....that is why I say I have neglected it.