Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Paper Bag Tree - Giant Fuyu Persimmon

August 28, 2016

It is SO SURREAL! I cannot believe that this will be the last season I will be harvesting Persimmon from my beloved Giant Fuyu Persimmon tree - The Autumn Queen of my San Diego orchard. The tree is too established; almost 17 years old, and too big to be transplanted. Regretfully, so far, air layering has failed to produce any viable plants. I am just going to have to buy plant one or two of the Giant Fuyu Persimmon for Temecula garden.

The sight of bird eaten Persimmons finally kicked me into action. Each time I decided I was going into the garden to wrap the ripening Fuyu Persimmon, I mentally kicked myself because I had made yet another trip to the grocery store without buying the needed paper lunch bags!!! Finally, I had to make my third and specific trip to buy the necessary lunch bags.