Sunday, April 12, 2015

Ching Ming 2015

April 12, 2015

Lovely way to introduce Ching Ming tradition to my beautiful nieces. First time at their grandpa's grave. The colors of the marble etching had faded although they told us it would be permanent. Brother HT, myself and my adorable nieces Aubrey and Amanda renewed the etching by coloring with oil pastels. Mom was delighted by our artistic efforts. Lots of laughter, chatter and questions as they colored while we told them about their grandpa as well as their grand aunt, great grandmother and great grandfather, at whose adjoining plots we made offerings too. Many thanks to sister in law Racheal for organizing and helping educate us on Ching Ming customs. I think dad was very happy. Love and miss you Dad.

Walking down to Dad's grave

Friday, April 10, 2015

Baking bread with Sifu Emilia

April 9, 2015

I have been a quest to bake Hainanese White bread, of my childhood. Lightly toasted slices of bread, smeared with margarine (butter, if you are so fortunate!) and Kaya (rich custardy coconut jam), is something to swoon about. Old fashion Kaya toast, simple in its execution and utterly comforting in its consumption. Without fail, when in Malaysia, my USA born children would order this breakfast delight when they see it on the menu. The past 2-3 years we have been a quest to find a recipe for the bread so we can recreate the experience back home. Endless googling and blogs surfing to no avail.

Meanwhile, Facebook would show mouthwatering pictures of delicious breads, baked by my cousin Emilia. It looked like a promising start to our quest. I was very fortunate Sifu Emilia was gracious enough to show me how to bake Chinese style soft white bread. It uses a roux starter called Tangzhong. It is what gives the bread its soft, pillowy texture. The bread remain soft at room temperature for a number of days.

P.S. Can I tell you, biting into the hot, freshly baked buns was delicious heaven! The butter and sugar melted, beautifully flavouring the buns. I am drooling thinking of them.....

Blood Orange Cake

Found an unposted blog article from 2014 when my garden was pumping out blood oranges. I was unable to find pictures of the Blood Orange cake but thought best to post this recipe before I lose it! Here's some pictures of my blood orange harvest instead.

June 15, 2014

I have been on a cake making kick of late. The Rosemary Pear cake is one I have made often. I love the slightly gritty texture of the pear and cornmeal in this  moist slightly sweet cake. It has become the base of my "clear the fruit basket cake." I have used over-riped fruits such as mango as a substitute with equally delicious success.