Friday, August 31, 2012

The search for perfect Madeleine

Madeleine have been on my mind lately...To be exact the delectable Lemon Madeleine I made a couple of year ago. It  was of those reader requested recipe of something they ate at a restaurant, in either Gourmet or Bona Appetit magazine. I remember closing my eyes in bliss, biting into the tender crumbed Madeleine deliciously perfume with lemon zest. You know what is coming right? Yes, you guess it!! I lost the recipe. I cannot remember if it contained honey, if I chilled the dough or did I add baking powder that is frown upon by the purist. So now begins my quest for the perfect Madeleine recipe.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Clean Dog

With all the travelling we did this summer, the garden was not all I neglected. Frasier has been looking pretty scruffy not to mention doggy. Two days ago I gave him a bath. Today, I finally shave and groomed him. Here are the before and after pictures.

Scruffy, stinky but oh so adorable. Most of the time, I prefer him looking this way but as his hair grows longer, he tends to "pick up" stuff from the garden. Frasier is an outside dog. He often gets mistaken for a Labradoodle when he looks like this.
Clean, still adorable but half the dog he was!!! Poodles are all hair if you can tell.

White Meatball

On Tuesday, I went to Sprouts Farmers Market in Eastlake to buy some corn for my son A. For the past 4 years he has had braces on his teeth and has not been able to eat corn on the cob easily. Imagine, not being able to eat jagung, the pasar malam favorite!! Long story short, that day, he finally had the braces removed and his first request was for corn and some apples.

While I was there I stopped by the meat department. Meatball came to mind!! I decided I would experiment and make a different kind of meatball, a healthier meatball. That how I came up with the White Meatball - Turkey and Pork, the other white meats. Even if I have to say so myself, they turned out pretty delicious. So delicious that I am blogging about it before I wash the dishes!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weed Fest!

What do you expect when you leave a vegetable garden unattended? All I can say is that the weeds look very healthy. In fact, a lot healthier than the few tomato and pepper plants I had in those beds! While, the beds looked chook full of seeds, it was actually fairly easy and fast to remove most of the weeds.

Kale, Culantro (mexican cilantro/ vietnamese ngo gai) with its purple flowers and... lots of weeds- clovers, spurge, dandelions, grass to name a few.

A dog just as neglected as my garden. Frasier desperately needs to be shave and bath!! My faithfully dog happily following me around the garden

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fruits in an neglected orchard

I cannot believe it is already August 2012. My real life outside Blog world has been beyond busy leaving me with very little time to blog. We have been travelling since the end of June through the end of July attending Lacrosse College Recruiting Showcases with my son. We crisscrossed the east and west coasts of the US, returning home to San Diego for a couple of days in between with barely enough time to wash dirty laundry and repack for the next trip. Having two gardens and hour apart, I resigned myself to the fact that there would be many casualties of neglect.

Finally, yesterday evening I ventured into my Chula Vista garden. It was overgrown with weeds as it had received multiple watering a day due to some glitch in the irrigation controller. We came home from the airport at midnight to find the irrigation on, then running again at 3 am when we went to bed  and at 8 am in morning!! What will my water bill be this month?? Irrigation is now turned off for the rest of the week to allow the ground to dry off.

The good new is the fruit trees are doing fine. I will let the pictures speak for themselves while I dine on some delicious Mission Figs :)

Black Mission Figs