Monday, January 31, 2011

Kuih Kapit

Traditional Kuih Kapit Mould. Different design
on each side of mould
A few years ago I had made some Kuih Kapit quite successfully on my outdoor gas barbecue grill. This time I decided to stay indoor - the weather was a bit nippy. I decide I would only make a small amount of cookies instead of my usual ambitious attempts. I decided to heat the kuih kapit moulds over my gas stove. Probably, not the most economical but I was making a small amount of cookies. It worked out fine but I think I have to find or fashion a satay style grill for future. I used the recipe from Nonya Flavors.

Kuih Kapit (adapted from Nonya Flavors)

150g rice flour
1 tablespoon tapioca flour
150 grams granulated sugar
5 eggs
200ml coconut cream ( I used Kara brand)

Whisk all the ingredients together in a large bowl. Make sure that the sugar is fully dissolved. Dip a clean finger into the batter and remove. Rub batter between fingers and if it gritty, the sugar is not fully dissolved. Set aside batter while you heat up the moulds.

3 different moulds

Rice flour, eggs, sugar and coconut cream used
to make Kuih Kapit batter

Heat mould over smallest flame.

Lightly oil mould before ladling batter
over hot mould and let excess drip
back into bowl. 

Batter should sizzle or the mould is not hot enough

40-50 seconds later remove from heat.
Scrape off excess batter around mould
with a butter knife.

Flip mould over to the other side and cook for
another 40 seconds until desired color

Open and check for color.

Too much batter resulting in excess
around the rim. There should only be a
little extra batter

Run butter knife under cooked cookie
to release

Remove and quickly fold cookie in half
and half again, into triangles

Different shades of golden 

Cool on rack

The best Love Letters are the delicious ones :)


  1. Wow, I still remember the way your love letters taste. So gooood!

  2. Thank you! They are so easy to make although very labor intensive. The trick is to move quickly when removing cooked Kuih Kapit from hot iron. Fold immediately or it will harden and shatter when folding. We can make some when you come out.

  3. tWow! Your grandma would be so proud of you! Way to go!!! Love your innovative idea using gas...My friend and I are trying to make some using an electric kapit mould....not sure when but will try. Will try mum's recipe though...

  4. Thanks Lady Lavender. The Kuih Kapit made on the electric kapit mould I saw ages ago was a little too thick for my liking- more like a pizelle cookie. Let me know how yours turn out.

  5. where I can buy this "Kuih Kapit" frame online.please inform me.

  6. Sorry ican- I purchased these mold in Malaysia. Have have not seen any here in the US either in the stores or online.