Friday, February 10, 2012

Blog Namesake - Kumquat

I thought I would share some pictures of my fruit laden Kumquat plant ( Fortunella Japonica). The two kumquat plants are in two planter boxes next to the path that leads to my upper garden. I bought the two Fukushu Kumquat plants about 4 years ago and it has really taken off. Each year it has tons and tons of large delicious kumquat. But even before, those delightful fruits appear, the garden is filled with the most amazing fragrance of the kumquat flowers!! Heavenly.

The tree is laden with green kumquats that are just starting to turn a bit yellow


Aeonium naturalize along the path leading to the upper garden.

A flower stalk of the Aeonium filled with multitudes of yellow flowers. It is a favorite of bees.

The reflected heat of the garden helps create a micro climate for that the Kumquat loves.

The Kumquat is a delightful refreshment that I indulge in a couple of times each day especially if I am working in the garden. This year, I am also thinking of making some preserve from them and incorporating them in desserts and salads.


  1. I really envy the space you have to create your dream edible garden. So many kumquats!

  2. AND I envy you the glorious Bunga Kantan that almost reach the second floor of your house!! I can smell the delicious perfume of the flowers ( and thinking of Assam Laksa).

    The kumquats are in my current home. I have to make cuttings for my Temecula home. Any information you have on how to make cuttings will be appreciated.

  3. My bunga kantan has successfully scaled the 2nd floor, not attempting for the 3rd floor. Imagine, just the leave stalks can do that!

    Cuttings? I've never done that before. I thought people do marcotting for fruit trees?

  4. Barely any home gardener and not many horticulturist know about marcotting here. The only one who use marcotting are asian landscapers/ nursery operator. I tried marcotting it last year but failed. Will try again this year. Meanwhile, I have taken cutting of the kumquat tree, dip them in rooting hormone and potted them up. Wish me luck!