Wednesday, March 6, 2013

From Garden to Table

Went to Costco, bought some lamb loin chops. Searched Food Network for recipes and finally settled on Cat Cora's Lamb Chop and Bobby Flay's Rosted brussel sprouts, pancetta and potatoes. Why those recipes you ask? Yesterday I spied in among the weeds in my garden the making of such a dinner- a garden to table adventure.

A brussel sprout plant left over from last fall was still pumping out those brussel sprouts. Twisted and snapped off about 1 lb of brussel sprouts for dinner. To the next weed infested bed to dig up some potatoes.
The artichoke plants next to the planter bed have grown rapidly since the weather warmed these past 2 weeks. Its beautiful silvery gray-green leaves hung over the planter bed. Kale left over from fall is still producing tasty greens. Not part of tonight's dinner.

I push aside the large artichoke leaves, to reveal the first artichoke of the season!! Yum, love my artichokes and cannot wait to feast on the them soon. Again, not part of today dinner.

I move aside the withered potato leaves and carefully dug up some Red Rose baby potatoes to accompany the brussel sprouts for the  dish. Digging further, Ops... not a potato but a sweet potato, another plant that shares the same planter bed. That's for another day.....

Looking around, I was surprise by two rosette of lettuce. A buttercrunch lettuce self-seeded next to planter along with self seeded parsley. The other was a Red Leaf lettuce that self-seeded in a pail next to another planter. Guess who is having salad soon? 

I need some rosemary from the front yard to get some rosemary for the marinade for the lamb. The rosemary bushes were so fragrant and beautiful with the blue flowers.

This is why I garden- so that I have fresh ingredients at hand and I eat well!

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