Thursday, October 30, 2014

Wrapping the Persimmons

October 30, 2014
I finally got around to wrapping up the persimmons. The birds as usual were more diligent than I was. The persimmon tree is the darling of my fall garden. In the few weeks since I came back from Malaysia, the persimmon have taken a decidedly more orange color. The sight of those orange colored, pumpkin shaped Fuyu Persimmon is a sure sign of fall.... and good eats.

Somehow the birds have perfected the art of eating the fruit while leaving the skin on the tree. A particularly irksome sight.
Not just the birds, ants also indulge in the sweet fruits too. Admittedly, only after the birds have had their taste.

I pluck the ripe fruits and wrap up the rest...most of the rest. It gets tiring. At first, I choose the largest fruits to wrap first. The higher more exposed or visible fruits. After awhile, it does not even matter. I wrap the nearest or low lying fruits first. The thought of the bird is hand is worth two in the bush comes to mind. Stretching and reaching for the high fruits is not only more tiring but is more dangerous. At this stage a fruit is a fruit. If I wrap 10 low fruits, it is better than wrapping 5-6 fruits higher up the tree.

 I use brown paper lunch bags these days. If the fruits ripen and falls, it falls into a retrievable bag. Ingenious! While selecting fruits to wrap, I also harvest ripe fruits.

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