Sunday, April 12, 2015

Ching Ming 2015

April 12, 2015

Lovely way to introduce Ching Ming tradition to my beautiful nieces. First time at their grandpa's grave. The colors of the marble etching had faded although they told us it would be permanent. Brother HT, myself and my adorable nieces Aubrey and Amanda renewed the etching by coloring with oil pastels. Mom was delighted by our artistic efforts. Lots of laughter, chatter and questions as they colored while we told them about their grandpa as well as their grand aunt, great grandmother and great grandfather, at whose adjoining plots we made offerings too. Many thanks to sister in law Racheal for organizing and helping educate us on Ching Ming customs. I think dad was very happy. Love and miss you Dad.

Walking down to Dad's grave

Lighting joss sticks and saying greetings to their grandpa 

Putting joss paper on grandpa's grave

HT explaining to his daughters how to color etchings

Focus on making etching beautiful for grandpa

A1 looking stylish while paying respect to grandpa

A2, looking for the right color

Getting ready gold ingots and gifts for burning

Burning gifts to transport it to after life

A1 and A2 watching mother R burning offerings

Mom watching HT coloring etchings

Mom in communion with dad, Cheong Huat
Mom and Dad had purchased their burial plot next to his parents and sister. We paid our respect to Ah Tin Kau and Ah Mah and Ah Kong. Ah Kong, grandfather had died while dad was very young. Ah Mah, dad's mom lived with us while we were growing up, particularly during the years when Hong Teck and I was little. Later she stayed with father's younger brother and help take care and guide my little cousins. Ah Tim Kau, dad's sister lived with Ah Mah, taking care of her in her old age. 

Ah Mah, Tan Kim Swee and Lim Ah Kong

Making offerings to their great grandpa and great grandma
Ah Tin Kau, my grand aunt
Beautifully and lovingly colored etchings by family. Dad's favorite fishes are swimming to his delight!

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