Saturday, June 25, 2016

Pared Down Garden

June 2016

The garden is looking quite bare. You can see right through to the back of garden to Pomelo and Kumquat trees.

The banana grove has been removed. I miss those gorgeous banana leaves swagging in the wind. In all the years I never put up window dressing on the windows. The Banana leaves from the outside provides all the window dressing I ever needed.

The side orchard is now anchored by the Giant Fuyu Persimmon tree, the Thompson Grapevine, Curry Leaf tree and the Sapote Ciku tree.
The Sapote Ciku tree has lots of new leaves and sending many branches upwards.

The Kumquat trees were trimmed. It appears that some of the tall branches came from the root stock rather than grafted part of the tree. We managed to trim the Kumquat Tree nearest the wall. This would be the tree we would transplant to Temecula if at all possible. 
Pots were emptied of plants; desired plants were transferred to lighter plastic nursery pots and unwanted plants removed. Pots were emptied of soil and arranged for final move to Temecula.

In the front of the house, many of large clay pots were broken by the roots of the succulent plants and fell apart when we tried to move them.

I kept only the larger potted Jade plants and kept cuttings of the others to restart my succulent potted garden.

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