Thursday, August 11, 2016

Our very own Produce Box

August 10, 2016
Quite a beautiful Produce Box this week from the my garden, even if I say so myself! Swiss Chard, Burgundy Okra, Tomatoes and Blood Oranges from my Temecula garden.

Sadly, work and life in general, has taken my time and attention away from the garden this summer. I did not think I could properly care for more than few plants. I am glad I did not plant more than those few tomatoes, okra and tomatillo plants. Restricted watering and hot weather has taken a toll on them. It is a pity since we had essentially started afresh with our planter beds; new compost and topsoil and Gopher Netting protection ( more about that in another post). I could have gone to town with the plantings!! Alas. It just did not make sense to plant more than I could handle. Gardening in two different location/ gardens is taking its toll. Hopefully by fall, I will be back to gardening as my schedule frees up.

A vegetable garden often gives more than you imagine. This is the case despite the neglect or just minimal effort. The swiss chard Bright Lights that overwintered were transplanted to the new beds and continue to provides the gorgeous stain-glassed delicious leaves.

Tomatoes are easy to grow and fruited heavily. The larger Brandywine have started ripening. Marzano tomatoes and black cherry tomatoes are still green. They should not be fair behind. 

The Burgundy Okra is thriving in the hot heat of Temecula. They quickly become long and large in the blink of an eye. First time planting them. I am not a big fan of okra aka ladies fingers aka bhindi; but my husband is. Admittedly, I do love the fried Okra chips at Raju Restaurant at Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. It is the perfect condiment to the spicy banana leaf curry meal. Crunch with a bitter edge...Lol!! I am dreaming of the bitter gourd chips, not okra. Guess, I do not like it that much. Well, I do love the beautiful flowers!! They are like Hibiscus flowers.

Since I am not there to harvest the okra frequently, I ended up with Okra  that average 10 inches long!! You can see them in the basket above.

We are picking the last of the blood oranges for the season. The Moro Blood Orange is a treat we always look forward to. This tree is a real trooper; always laden with either flowers or fruits. 

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