Sunday, August 24, 2008

Romance Killer ?

"I spend all my free time with you, Mommy. That is why I do not have a boyfriend!" How would you feel if your daughter told you this???? I guess, I will have to cut her out of my life so that she can have a life - a love life.
Am I a suffocating, controlling mother? I always thought she spent all that time with me because she loves being with me. All this while..........One day she says I am her Go To Girl and the next she says this. Hmm, she is spending all this time with me because......because.....I don't know why. Because I did not cut the umbilical cord? Because I frighten away prospective boyfriends?
Wait, I will not be the villain in this. This must be it. It is because I am better than a boyfriend, that's why.
All this because I asked if she wanted to watch a movie with me and she wanted to sleep! Sleep deprivation makes a daughter cut deep and draws blood. I don't make her spend her free time with me or do I.......? I do not know anymore. Why does she ask me to wait till she is free to watch certain movies with her or to wait and go places with her instead of going on my own. You know what I think? I think I do not have a social life because she is always making me wait to do things with her that's what. Trying to make me think I am the bad one. HA!

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