Friday, November 11, 2011

Mango, Mango

This year the strange spring we had that had turned cold again after the mango flowers set, meant that most of the fruit never set. I thought there was only one mango on the tree this year that I saw. I had been meaning to pluck it for a week or so now but never got around to it. Today, after discovering the fallen banana tree, it was time. When I bent down to cut off the fruit, I notice another mango, actually 2 other mangoes were on the ground. I will be making cuttings of this Manila Mango for my new garden

Mango must have been knocked down by the wind

Guess who is having Mango for dessert?


  1. wow Helen, you can actually grow mango in san diego? awesome...wish auckland is warm enough...pity it isn't. mangoes cost a bomb! i have sitting on my altar, it is kinda ripe but not quite...aussie mango...$3.99 each!!!

  2. Yeah, I am surprised you can grow mangoes there in San Diego! Anyway, mango costs a bomb in Malaysia too.