Friday, November 11, 2011

The Roar of Stormy November

It has been cold, stormy and rainy this November so far. Today, I was playing my new IPhone 4s camera and decided to take a picture of the banana bunch that was developing. I stopped in my track...and was stunned! A banana plant had snap and was lying across the path.

Immediately, I knew it had to be the one the banana comb was on!!! I gingerly lifted up the leaf stalk and there was the banana comb.

I laughed. I guess it was not meant to be... no banana for me, at least not from my garden. Well, I decided maybe I can make something out of the banana flower!! More to follow.


  1. Aiyoh! That's what I would have exclaimed when I find this. I'm so sorry it was THIS branch that has fallen. I hope you got to experiment cooking some dishes with the banana flowers.

  2. Que Sera Sera... what will be will be :( The banana flower sat on my counter for what must have been 2 weeks. Each day, I would remove the a row of flowers and a wrap of the petal - the promise of a hand of banana a day. I was too busy with Thanksgiving to experiment with flower, much as I wanted to. Finally I remove most of the petals.... a small remnant of the banana flower remains today in the fridge drawer