Saturday, December 31, 2011

Announcing my new garden blog !!

I had been working on a new blog on my new orchard and kitchen garden in Temecula on and off for awhile now. It took me a very time to come up with a name I liked. The last few days I have been desperately trying to format it, work out some graphics and get it up and running already! Of course, Picasa Album would decide to go all wonky on me. I was noticing how I kept losing what I uploaded. When I was reading Autumn Belle's latest posting I was alerted to what Picasa Web Album was doing.

I have decided that I am just letting it go live and work from there. Trying for "perfection" is too tiring and result in nothing being achieved. I am determine that this blog will go live before 2012 Pacific Time. So do go and check out my new blog - I Eat With Scoops, Shovels and Spades.

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