Thursday, January 26, 2012

Santa Monica Community Garden

Last weekend while my son A was at Lacrosse camp in LA, my husband and I went to the Santa Monica Farmer's Market. The Farmer's Market was a disappointment maybe because it was winter and the selection of vegetable was limited. It was also way smaller in size than I expected. But all was not lost, I was so excited to see the Santa Monica Community Garden across the road. I have always read about community gardens in magazines and on blogs but never actually been to one until that day.

I was hoping to see different ethic gardens but I did not. Again it was because it is winter and not much is growing. Actually, many garden plots had not been cleared of fall plants which had continue to grow because of the mild climate. Nevertheless, I was very happy to see the community garden. I love the fact that people get to garden even in urban surrounding. Otherwise vacant land put to good use. I imagine the mutual admiration of plants, the sharing of seeds and seedlings, and lastly the squabbles that ensures in shared spaces.....LOL!! A mini UN so to say. In my mind's eye I saw, long beans on trellises, unusual eggplants, gourds, bitter melons, unusual herbs and glorious flowers. I want to garden in a community garden!!! Surrounded by plants and people who love gardening like I do. What could be better.

Ah... the ever present, reliable geranium. Nothing seems to kill it. Faithfully in its bloom in the hottest of summer days.

The Dahlia are blooming. Parsley is seeding. Snow peas still putting out pods.

Again, Dahlia and marigold are flowers of choice. On the left a row of corn stalk display ears of corn that are forming. A huge cabbage is in one of the beds. This gardener include some Jade plant and cactus in his garden.

California poppies, nasturtiums and daisies are the flowers in this garden.

Swish chard, parsley, beans and broccoli are still growing in this garden.

I think that those are carrots in the foreground. This gardener has marigold, california poppies, red roses and pink hollyhock in her garden. She is working on cleaning up her fall garden.

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