Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weed Fest!

What do you expect when you leave a vegetable garden unattended? All I can say is that the weeds look very healthy. In fact, a lot healthier than the few tomato and pepper plants I had in those beds! While, the beds looked chook full of seeds, it was actually fairly easy and fast to remove most of the weeds.

Kale, Culantro (mexican cilantro/ vietnamese ngo gai) with its purple flowers and... lots of weeds- clovers, spurge, dandelions, grass to name a few.

A dog just as neglected as my garden. Frasier desperately needs to be shave and bath!! My faithfully dog happily following me around the garden

Culantro just about to flower and start growing upwards. You can see the flower stalk between the leaves. Hey, there is a chili pepper in the background too.

See how tall the culantro plant that has grown as it  flowers and go to seeds  - it is behind the Thai Siam Queen Purple Basil.

The Thai Purple Basil looks so pretty anchoring the first bed. The planter is totally crowded with all the herbs and weeds.

Regular coriander with its white flowers and going to seed.

Underneath all the weeds, there are some eggplant, purple cabbage, mexican marigolds and lots of parsley. There is even a tomato plant with a green tomato on it!!

This bed was overrun by clover where the sweet potato vines did not cover the ground. Even so some capsicum were fruiting. A left over brussel sprout plant is in the background. Some sweet basil also occupied the bed.

I am so very glad that I had decided on a living mulch this gardening season and let last season's parsley go to seed. The parsley plants blanketed most of beds so while the weeds looked large, there were not that many of them. They really crowded out a lot of the weeds. Now late in the season, I can liberally harvest fragrant Italian parsley for cooking.


  1. Frasier does look neglected! I'm sure he'd be so glad to have you more often for company when out in the garden. Did he added any 'fertilizer' to your plants?

  2. Frasier does enjoy our gardening sessions although he does not understand what the fuss about plants is about. He thinks I should be playing with him more!! So far... as far as I know, he has not added any 'fertilizer' to my plants as they are in raised beds. He has left some "bobby traps" though.