Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Succulent Basket

It is a miracle. It is January 1, 2013 and I am blogging!! Actually, I am blogging because I following through with my "resolution" to put me first this year. I signed up for a gym membership at the local YMCA with my daughter just before the new year so physically I will get back to being more active. Hoping to finally take some yoga and pilates classes. 2013 I am committed to devoting more time to my creative pursuits.

I started the year on the right note. I spent some time gardening- my first love. It was kind of chilly but the need to garden was overwhelming. I needed to create something not just potter around. I recycled an old metal toiletry metal basket/ container/ caddy for a lovely succulent garden. I lined the basket with damp sphaghum moss, tied the moss to the basket with some twine and filled the center with some fast draining soil and perlite mix.

I took cutting from succulent plants in my garden and poke them through the sphagum moss into the soil. It will take some time before these cuttings root and fill in.
Kalanchoe Thyrsiflora had fully filled the pot. I thinned it out and used the cuttings for the sides of the basket.

I used a row of Aeonium Atropurpureum at the top edge of the basket. I filled the top of the basket with Echeveris Doris Day, Sempervivum Blue Moon, Kalanchoe Tomentosa Pussy or Donkey Ears and Aloe .

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