Thursday, January 3, 2013

My tree is almost bare........

It is chilly and wet in the garden this time of year. I am lucky that in San Diego I still get to enjoy days of 70-80F sunshine filled days among the norm of 40-60F rainy days during the winter. It is now January and all the leaves have fallen off my Persimmon tree. A small number of paper bags still hang on the tree, hiding the remaining ripening persimmon from the birds! At this time of year, I call the tree my Paper Bag Tree!!

We have been enjoying  the last of our Persimmon for the season. Rain has made the paper bags translucent and sometimes breaking the bag and exposing them to the delight of birds. The chill of the season sweetens the persimmons.

In late December some leaves remain on the tree. You can see the orange fruit showing through the wet translucent paper bags!

Some of the fruits are very soft and ripe- the flesh is almost jelly like. It is the texture of a ripe Hayachi persimmon ready to eat. I like to enjoy my Fuyu persimmon crunchy and sweer. I use the ripe soft persimmon for making Persimmon Steam Pudding. Delicious!

The leaves took on an orange tinge in late Noevember. It becomes the color of the ripe Pesimmon by the time the leaves are fully colored. Later, the base of the tree will be carpeted with the orange colored leaves.

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