Monday, February 25, 2013

Reviving Succulent

I worked on neglected succulents to rejunevate them for the new year. As a testimont to their hardiness, you can see the rosette of the live echiveria in the center of the brown ring of the dead leaves. They were in a pot that was not connected to any water source, totally dependent on San Diego 11" of annual rainfall and the occasional douse of water from the hose should I notice it at the times it needed water. Echeveria will become leggy as it grows. Most of the brown leaves will still be green and not shrivel brown like in this picture....that is why I say I have neglected it.
All I needed to do was to strip it off the brown dead leaves. You will notice the stem of the succulent after the dead leaves were stripped off. The clean up clump can be replanted as is or broken up for individual planting. When replanting covering the stems to encourage growth from the bottom.
This time, I broke up the clump to grow them in a broken pot. I'll take a picture of them in summer to show how they have grown.
You can see this completed planting displayed with the other potted succulent at post on propogating succulents

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