Monday, February 25, 2013

Spring time sprucing and making babies!

My body is aching from the hours spent hunched over my succulent collection yesterday. It is a good ache...I got a lot done. It is nice to be outside again, without being burdened by heavy winter coats. Much as I enjoyed the change of being in wintery New York these past two weeks, I did not enjoy donning the heavy coats outside, the hot dry air inside, looking at the bare gardens and how early it darken each day. I am glad to be back in San Diego.

It was almost 2:30 in th afternoon before I started gardening. I had to make a dent in the mountain of the laundry first! There were so many things that needed to be done in the garden and  things that I wanted to do that initially I scamper from task to task, not really achieving much. The flowering Aeoniums inspired me to concentrate on working with my succulents.

The weekend before I left for New York, I had purchased some succulent for propogation. Over time, I find that I have forgotten the names of so many succulents I have purchased and because of numerous species and varieties, it often hard to differentiate and indentify the plants. Recently, I have taken to photographing the succulent in its original pot with name label and description. It serves as my personal reference and help me keep track of what I have. No more wondering what I have purchased.

I am always on the lookout for species that I do not have. Generally, I buy plants in smaller pots. I find that I can always propogate more. Yesterday, I decided that I would plant the main plant in the display or permanent pot while taking and planting a cutting in the original pot with original label. Another way to keep track of the succulents I am propogating. For some of them, I was able to make break off some leaves for additional propogation.
From Left: "Key Lime Pie" Adromischus Cristatus and un-named specimen I fell in love with and purchased on right. It has similar marking as a painted Echeveria but it not an echeveria.

From Left: "Varigated Bear Paw" Cotyledon Iadismithiensis variegata, "Tricolor Jade"Crassula obliqua and "Chalk Rose" Didleya farinosa, with their respective cuttings in smaller pots

Graptoveria "Moonglow" and its cutting in small pot

Leaf cuttings being propogated
From Left: "Chalk Rose" Dudley farinosa, "Blue Haze" Pachyveria, "Moon glow" Graptoveria

"Jade Rose" Sempervivum 

Previously rooted cuttings used for creating new displays in broken pots

All in a day's work! Very satisfying effort.

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