Sunday, December 29, 2013

What does the Fox say?

What does the Fox say?

The Fox say " I miss you Elephant and Mouse. I know you will enjoy living in the Forest living with lovely Sophie. She loves you already. Share her secrets, make her laugh, wipe away her tears. She will introduce you to Poopsie and Plum and their lively gang- Gary the Hog, Mung the Bird, Zin the Bear and the Pole brothers. What a glorious time you'll have. Cannot wait to hear about your adventures when we meet in Imagination Forest! Love you"

My daughter and I wanted to create something special for my niece Sophie. We decided on making these adorable Amigurumi animals. I chose to make an elephant one of Sophie's favorite animal. My daughter inspired by Christmas made a very cute mouse. 

It's been a few years since I made Amigurumi. The last time I did they were of zombies and knights. With the help of our friend Google, we found free Amigurumi patterns online. My daughter use the mouse pattern from It was great that Sharon Ojala had tutorial to go along with the pattern. So many parts to make and finish and so, so, so many ends to tie off and hide!! 

 Side profile comparison with mouse in tutorial.
 Safety eyes in place, nose embroidered and head stuffed with polyfill.
Coming together, just the arms and tail to go.
Tah Dah! Completely adorable more <3 This little mouse started early on Christmas feasting. It was a wee bit fat lol!

I found my inspiration from Jam Made blog.There are 3 different version of the elephant. I made the green one for Sophie.
Elephant parts- totally legal
Elephant and mouse were so adorable. We fell completely in love with them. 
We burst out laughing when we realized that we had choose to make animals that do not go together in real life!! Elephants are afraid of mice. Eek!!!!!!!! Myth Buster had an episode where the mice stopped a herd of elephants in their tracks. They backed away and went off in a different direction from the mouse.
It was hard parting with Elephant and mouse :(  Into the box they went together with Origami papers, some animal shaped paddle toys for my niece and nephew, together with jars of homemade blood orange and strawberry jam and eggplant relish for my sister. #kick ourselves again and again for not including orange gummies to resolve the origami/orange gummy confusion. Missed the punch line. 

Fox watched and bid his friends goodbye as they left for their forever home with Sophie. Fox says "I am happy for Elephant and mouse but I am happy staying. I hear a beautiful red creature will soon be joining our family."

Updated 12/26/13
The lovely Sophie has named Elephant Epi and Mouse is Rompy.

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