Sunday, June 7, 2015

Foraging for seedlings

These days I look at my Chula Vista garden with a difference eye. I am always looking at what plants I can take with me to my Temecula garden. It pains me that I cannot take my beloved Fuyu Persimmon tree with me. I have tried unsuccessfully in the past to marcot the Fuyu Persimmon. Looks like I will have to double up my efforts and perhaps improve my technique. Time is running out as the move to Temecula is getting closer.

My curry leaf plant on the other hand, has finally matured enough to start sprouting out seedlings. These seedlings are coming out from the roots.

The curry leaf tree has been flowering and forming berries the last three years. I kept hoping that the berry seeds would sprout and form new plants naturally. Nothing. I even tried to sow these seeds myself but nothing sprouted. I was not too worried as I had been collecting the little plants that form from the roots of the tree.

Last weekend, I was busy trying to dig up the seedling that sprouted from the roots, but realize I could not as it was attached to a major root of the plant, very near the trunk. Disappointed, I looked around. L
ow and behold, I saw a small plant hereby. Then another and another!! It appears that the tree and its berries were finally matured enough to sprout.  Happy foraging for seedlings.

Happily, I dug up the seedlings and transfer them to peat pots to harden off before I transplant them to the Temecula garden. 

Chances are I will try to dig up the mother Curry Leaf plant when we move. I will chance it not surviving the transplant. It is unlikely the new owners, would appreciate the plant. More than likely, my precious Curry Leaf tree would be chopped off and removed. I mean, how likely is it that new owners are Malaysian or Indian? Wait!!!!This is San Diego. There is just that chance......

My lovely Fuyu Persimmon tree with bagged Persimmons, the curry lead tree and banana grove. I have to leave it all behind :(

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