Monday, September 28, 2015

The little Mango Tree that could........

September 28, 2015

The weather has been horrid of late. Hot, Hot, Hotter!! Humidity also at at all time high. I have been hiding; moving from air conditioned office to air conditioned home. Finally, this week the weather let up. Yipee!! 

Yesterday, I ventured out to the garden and noticed many of the mangoes were pretty yellow. I discovered a number of my mangoes had ripen and fallen to the ground under the little tree. Luckily, it must have been recent as the fruits were still juicy and without any damage. Yummy! I decided to pluck a few more of the yellow mangoes to indulge. 

My heart is heavy. I will in all probability have to leave this gem of a tree behind. I have nursed this Manila Mango tree for over 10 years. First in large pot, then in the ground at a number of different locations in my San Diego garden. It survived frost damage that killed one side of the tree. It has been thriving in its current location behind the low garden wall for the past 5 years. The root system of the tree is probably is too extensive for the plant to be safely excavated and transplanted.

With that in mind, I had planted a Manila Mango tree in Temecula last year and it was devastated by the winter chill. Although..... when I was last there, I notice some green leaves sprouting near the bottom of the tree. Maybe there is hope for Manila Mangoes in Temecula. Without a doubt, I will be trying to have a Mango tree or two in my Temecula orchard.

Meanwhile, I will attempt to make some cuttings from this gem of a tree from my San Diego garden. It would be wonderful to have a part of this tree with me in my new home. 

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