Sunday, January 8, 2017

The reveal of packaged beauties

December 3, 2016

I have waiting for some time now to put up this video. Each year, cutting down the bagged persimmons and opening the bags is like a Gardener's Christmas/ Birthday for me. I realized that I had never videod the event. Here's a little clip so everyone can share in my joy!

As you can see, sometimes I don't always write the correct number of fruits in the bag. In the early years, I would bag the fruits individually. Over the years I have become lazy as there are more demands on my time. I now bag a couple of neighboring fruits in a bag. Sometime, I write the numbers on the bag after the fact, i.e. after a bag say, two or three neighboring bags. Lol ! hence, wrong count when I open my "presents".

Sometimes, I lose fruits because a fruit in the bunch ripen earlier than the others. Sometimes, the sneaky birds are able to get to the fruits after the rain wet the paper bags and they can see the jewels inside.

Sadly, I have not been able to root any cutting from my beloved Giant Fuyu tree despite my repeated attempts the past two years. I have given rationed this last harvest from my baby. Gave some to friends and family. Pureed the ripe fruit and froze them. Froze some persimmon whole for delicious natural sorbet. I need to tie us over the year before my yet to be planted new Fuyu Persimmon tree start to fruit.

 Autumn beauties all lined up for the fruit pageant.

Ants trying to get in on the harvest. They always know when fruits are ripe.

The box represent my final harvest of Fuyu Persimmon for 2017. I look forward to harvesting from a new Giant Fuyu Persimmon tree in my new orchard in a few years time.

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