Friday, May 19, 2017

Is it May already?

May 7, 2017

So, does it count if your last blog post was dated January 8, 2017 and you were blogging about an event in December, 2016??? I thought for sure, I had not posted in 2017. 😂😂 It is almost moot point as I found somehow the video link to the Persimmon bag unwrapping is broken. Will have to fix that before I publish this post.

So what has been happening? A lot, yet not .... since winter came and put the garden to sleep. We had been, and continue to clean out our San Diego garden; purging and selecting what to retain, what to transplant to Temecula garden. 

I had been busy saying a soft goodbye to my San Diego garden even as I started transferring my gardening efforts to my Temecula garden. Moving potted plants one by one to the new garden. Taking cuttings, re-taking cuttings again and again, as the cuttings fail to root. Where were my green fingers when I needed them?? I am known as the person who could go to a restaurant and bring home a sprig of garnish and viola! behold a new plant or two. When I need to bring part of San Diego garden with me, nothing seems to root. Or, if it roots, I get a little help from a mischievous red poodle puppy, who is big into chewing anything in site, especially from my garden. Lol!! Lucky she is such a cutie.

Will be posting more regularly soon...I hope. Meanwhile, I will complete the various draft postings lingering on the back end and publish them.

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