Friday, May 19, 2017

Sunny winter day in the garden 2016

Remembering that I started this blog way back when, partly to keep a journal of my gardening efforts, I decided to post draft posts lingering on my dashboard. It was nice to note that I did try to post more often in 2016, and did, even if it did not make it to be being publish. Snapshots 📷 from the Temecula garden in December 2016.

December 4, 2016

A sunny 🌞 winter day in the garden.

Tuscan Kale continues to grow in the cooler weather, but now the damp weather is encouraging a white flies infestation. Will try to cut off affected leaves and trim plant to see if I can save the plant. Otherwise, time to pull out the kale plant.

A leftover peanut in the planter sprouted into a peanut plant, which in turn is sprouting peanuts at its roots!

Rainbow Swiss chard from 2015, continue to provide tender leaves for simple sautéing.

Beefsteak Tomatoes are done for the season and will be removed.

Tomato organic Costoluto Genovese heirloom still going strong. That's the wonder of Southern California, being still able to enjoy home grown and harvested tomatoes from the garden in early winter. Tomatoes from December garden is still a lot tastier than any tomatoes from the grocery stores.

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