Thursday, September 4, 2008

Citrus Orchard Update

Finally, I am feeling a bit better. I went off the Sudafed PE and unto Zyrtec since I think it must be allergies causing the nasal drip. Took that for 2 days and today I am drug free. Went back to exercising and to my garden....

Happily, the citrus orchard is doing well. Just take a look!

I was excited. Last week, I spotted 4 new baby pomelos on the tree. Then I fell sick. Then the little fruits fells off. Sympathy drop off??? However, the lone pomelo is hanging in there. It just seems that it is not growing very much bigger. Hmm, maybe it is turning more yellow and ready to eat??

The grapefruit tree is amazing! It is almost a lie to call it a tree.It is such a small shrub. Just look at the trunk! I am hoping that it will take off this year and grow bigger soon because I am looking forward to grapefruit for breakfast and salads.Yet, it has these five grapefruit that keep growing and growing. Don't they look so beautiful and delicious?

Look at the Bitter Lemon fruits (Limau Perut). The tree is just full of them. I have a beautiful supply of fragrant leaves for my curries and Nonya dishes. I remember the times in Malaysia that I had to hunt for these leaves before I could make a special dish. It is such a pleasure to have it just outside my door.

Limau Kasturi or more commonly known in the US as Calamasi. The important ingredient for sambals and the oh so refreshing air limau. This tree is actually quite old, maybe 5-6 years old. It had been moved all over my garden. Had half of it die off one year because of frost but it came back. This year it is giving me tons of fruits for drinks, salad, sambals. Hey, maybe I might even make pickle limes and dried limes. Have to check with Ah Khor for recipe.

I forgot to take pictures of the Satsuma Mandarin Oranges, Valencia and Navel Oranges. Will have to wait till tomorrow morning to take pictures and then post blog.

It is Saturday morning and here are the pictures of the other citrus I forgot yesterday.

Two seasons of Navel Oranges; note the green oranges and the small oranges with flower petals just falling off! It takes about 5 months for the oranges to mature. It should ripens towards the second week of November through early spring. Best times are from February through April, when they are sweetest.

On the left, Satsuma Mandarin Oranges. Should be ready about Thanksgiving if the weather cooperates! These are our family favorite to snack out of hand. I am sure we are going to have to buy from the shops to supplement- those little`Darling' Clementines.The snack of Athletes!

On the right, Valencia Oranges. Sweet, juicy Valencia, excellent for juice. Valencia season is from February through October. But because we are along coastal California is will be a little later.

I really do not `remember' when each type of citrus is ready. I just watch the fruit, its size, weight and color. Okay, sometimes, I just pluck one and try. If it is sour, I wait and try again a week or two later. So scientific

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