Thursday, September 4, 2008

RAW Deal

Thought I would `upgrade' my digital photography skill and start working with RAW files. Been reading about working with RAW versus Jpeg files and liked the options I had. Of course, there I went taking photos in Raw format, some of them, one shot moments without doing enough research!

So, I go to upload the pictures.I cannot view them in the window explorer. I wanted to view and delete some of the photos before uploading. Anyway, I said to myself, okay, we will open them up in PSE 5.0. Only when I go to import those photos, it failed because it was in the wrong or a format not recognized by PSE 5.0. Now, I search the web and find out that it only recognizes Raw format from specific cameras. Needless to say, not my Nikon D40X!

So, now hopefully I can find a program that can read it or convert it to Jpeg. You know what, I am not going to try too hard and spend too much time on this. I will change my camera back to Jpeg setting and write this off as a Raw Deal aka also a lesson learnt.

N.B. Found trial version of program that let me convert my raw files ReaConverter 5.5 Pro. Can only convert 5 files at a time during trial period of 15 days. I guess I did not learn my lesson because it was off the first click on Google search! But there are other free programs out there. Another path for me to wander down when I have time...ha, ha.... when is that??????

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