Friday, March 13, 2009

The Spidy Chronicles

Yesterday, when I went to clear up my kitchen garden, I checked on Spidy. She did not move when I shook the leaf. Spidy is dead :( I have been dreading this moment for awhile now.... knowing it was inevitable. It was silly to be attached to this little creature but I enjoyed seeing her in my garden, helping me with my catterpilars, guarding her egg sacs and taking care of her babies. That was how I found her... still clinging to and protecting her egg sac - the second one. I am surprise she has lasted so made me almost believe she could live forever.

Strange as it may seem, I think Spidy had just died when I found her. Why do I think so? I have been checking on her almost daily. The day before yesterday, when I shook the leaf she moved to hold unto her egg sac.Yesterday, she did not move. Well, today when I check on her again, she was all dried up and brown. When I found her she was still but still vibrant in color. It gives me a little peace that I saw her at her end......Today is March 12 and I still have not do not have this posted. I just want to show Spidy in all her glory.

Today March 13, I am almost ready to share some pictures of Spidy. The thing is I have not seen anther Green Lynx Spider apart from Spidy in my garden. There must be a male for there to be babies, right? What does the male look like? When I first discovered the lone " baby" spider, I panicked!! If the babies were born where were they? My dear daughter L reminded me of Charlotte's Web and how the baby spiders flew away in the wind so that they all would be spread out and go to different areas so that all of them would have sufficient food. Imagine my surprise when I later discover the masses of baby spiders.I do not know it means she is lacking as a mother and cannot let go (ha, ha ) or worse she then a ate up all her babies!I have not found them anywhere in my garden. I am hoping that they learned to fly away one day when I was not looking. I sure hope that I have a couple of Spidy's babies in my garden. They have a perpectual tenancy in my garden.

PS I have since learned it is normal for the baby Green Lynx Spiders to stay close to Mommy for a bit. They are blind for a bit and then gain sight. They tend to run back to the egg sac or huddle together in a jumble tangle of legs. So I guess I'll be seeing Spidy's offsprings in future. Will keep you posted.

Meanwhile enjoy the slide show of Spidy. Double click on the slide show to view it full scale.


  1. Wow, you have capture a major part of Spidy's lifetime on camera. While she lived she has done a lot of good on earth, helping us eat up the pests. Spiders eat mites and mealy bugs too. Before Spidy passed on due to old age I guess, she left behind a swarm of babies for the future of her species. First it was BK, now it is Spidy, so I believe that it is fate that brought Spidy and you and me together!

  2. Spidy was very special to me, silly as it may seem. I am touched that you understand the sentiment. Indeed, I do believe that fate bought us together to share our love and joy of plants and nature. To BK and Spidy!!