Friday, February 27, 2009


Ha,ha. Your ploy worked, my dear sister S! After our "long" Skype conversation, dear husband was too hungry. We went out to eat! I have to state here, I was more than prepared to cook but he wanted to eat soon. We headed up to Convoy proposing all along the way, various restaurant we could eat in. We each gets a turn in deciding which restaurant to go to. Today was husband's turn. Not that we do not try to influence the choice for the day. Daughter L always wants Thai. Son A likes Korean. Husband likes Indian. Me..... it depends often on what else I need to buy and the restaurant I know I can persuade them to go to which is near to the shop. Otherwise, for me it is often where I can get soup or noodle soup. So there is always little negotiating in the cars whoever its turn to choose. We ended up at Mitsuwa supermarket at their noodle shop.... wanted to shop Japanese stuff. This time it was my husband's decision. Hm, did I ask him,"where did we go this week to eat without the children?" Maybe. Well, he wanted to take his son to try their Ramen noodles. So, you see how this works.......

How easy little sister C has it. She just cooks and eats at home with husband and little M and the whole world looks in on them via web cam. Daddy would have love that my siblings! Did we ever do that with him? The closest I think was during Christmas, Chinese New Year or maybe someone birthday and we went on web cam. He would have love adorable little M.

So what's for dinner?

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