Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Sh..hhh for almost a year now I have been having a love affair with Robert! I see him almost everyday, if not a couple of times a day. When husband dear is away, I spend more time with Robert. He makes me so happy. He is handsome, hard working, flexible and oh co cute! Everyday, I dream of having more like him.

No, my marriage is not in trouble. Far
from it! My dear husband introduced me to Robert. Why just yesterday, he said to go ahead and get more like him. He (husband) will pick Robert and any other Robert look alike I choose, for me.

So who is Robert?? He is slim, cute, flexible and packs quite a shot! Ha, ha. Robert is an irrigation head used for drip irrigation. He is a spot spitter.You make a small hole in the irrigation line and insert the button end of the 1/8" dripline into the irrigation line. The other end is where Robert does his magic! You insert Robert up to the line above the notch end. Water sprays from the minute space between the head and the drip line. The further in you insert the Robert head up the drip line, the less the water flow/ spray.

What I love most about Robert is his flexibility! I can move the Robert head to where I need the water and I am only limited by the length of the drip line it is attached to. As the plant grows or if I replant, I can just move the head to where I need it. If a plant dies and I only longer need water in that location, all I need is to pull out the Robert from ground and reverse the direction. The end without the notch will not allow water flow. So instant stopper! You could not do that with other systems. So flexible. If I need Robert again for new plants, reverse direction of Robert and water flows again.

So ladies (and gentlemen too!), you need
Robert in your garden.

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