Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Great Legs

Blogging about 10 Lorong Palas brought back memories. Great Legs!!! Remember her anyone??? Our dear friends Joe and Indra were living with us at that time. Joe and my husband were childhood friends and get into mischief the way childhood friends do. These young men apparently had been ogling Great Legs. Ha, ha - Indra and I should have been appaled, particularly since both couples were only recently married but somehow it became our thing too!

One day, Joe and hubby call us wives over excitedly."Come quickly and look at Great Legs." In the house diagonally across from our house was this Japanese couple. You guessed it! Great Legs was the wife. Indra and I had to admit she had amazing legs - shapely, slim and seem to go on forever. She had a okay body but an amazingly plain face that did not match those great legs!

Of course, it took Indra and I quite awhile before we had a good look at Great Legs properly. She never was out in the front of the house. We had to catch our glimpses of her when she was either coming or going out of the house. OMG, the number of times, the guys would shout out Great Legs alert and we would come out running to the front of our house. I remember once we were jostling one another to get out of the front door, making such a ruckus and the husband became suspicious and stared at us. We pretended to be looking at our plants in front!!

From that day onwards, we learn the art of having a cup of coffee and casually leaning on the doorway while subtly observing Great Legs. The husband would often glance over at our house suspiciously but I don't think he knew what was actually going on. We began rating how the legs look each day in shorts, skirts or pants - we hated pants. The things we did when we were young! Joe and Indra moved to their own home. Great Legs and husband moved away and we moved down to Jalan Ampang in Kuala Lumpur, next to the French Embassy.

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