Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Man of the Hour

The Man of the Hour is my dear husband BH. Yesterday we celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary. We were married when we were both 25 years old. We got engaged on my 25th birthday. That has been how it has been since - we celebrate my birthday in April, our wedding anniversary on June 8 and then his birthday is July. Come July each year, he is a year older. Dear husband will be 50 this year!!! I am a young 49 :)
The in between when we are both the same age -that how we chose our wedding day. Ha, ha that and a European vacation inspired it. We decided to go on this 3 week back packing trip through Europe so we decided we might as well get married and make it a Honeymoon.Announced our plans to the family, rush the dressmaker to make my wedding dress and we got married in 2 weeks. How is that possible you ask? Well, dressmaker is friend's sister. Wedding reception at the local pub- friend of husband's sister. I think everyone thought it was a shot gun marriage!! Our parents saw us off on the trip. My mother rented us a house we had never seen, while we were on Honeymoon- picked us up from the airport and drove us to our first married home. Yep, that is how we did it.

This year he will be climbing Mount Kinabalu, again (he climbed it last year). Mount Kinabalu (13435 feets above sea level), the highest mountain in South East Asia is located in Sabah, Malaysia. He will be climbing with his schoolmates from elementary school who are all turning 50 this year. I guess they have to prove that they still have it!! Then there is the descending down the mountain Via Ferrata (literally translate to `iron road' in Italian) style- along the face of the mountain. Check it out at http://www.mountaintorq.com/

The adventure continues with white water rafting and God knows whatever else boys gets into when they get together, what ever their age. Some of the spouses and significant other will be there though all but one will be doing the climb. Hats off to Daisy!! Son A was suppose to go on this Boys trip until his school calender got changed to a year round schedule beginning July 17. Bummer!! Your truly is staying behind to get son off to high school and daughter off to college

What I was saying is because of him I have done things I would not otherwise have - the Hike to Macchu Pichu for one. He makes me try ridiculous physical activities that while I could do would not volunterally embark on when I could put off to later (or never)!! I grumble during it but at the end of it I feel I have achieved something meaningful and guess what - I really enjoyed it in the process.

At the same time, he lets me be Me. He encourages my too many creative interests from scrapbooking, photography, cooking, beading to gardening. Even my blogging even though I do not think he knows my blog!! He just asks me to cook dishes and blog about them. Mutually satisfying activity.

We are a couple but still very much our own person. What more can a woman ask for in a life partner. Love you my husband.

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