Tuesday, September 8, 2009

eWee and Tramacula the Dracula

I have not made any Amigurumi since daughter L went to college. No, it is not because I am depressed. It is because I am catching up on those parts of my life that was on hold while we prepared to send her off to college. It is amazing how many things I stopped doing.... Plus, I did make a ton of those Warrior Amigurumi - Ninja, Knights, Spartan and Trojan, before she left. My sister C in New York has been hassling me to make some for her. She borrowed the Creepy Cute Crochet book from the Library and was rattling off what she wanted, as though she was ordering from a mail order company!!

The weather has been a scorcher of late. All I wanted to do was watch a movie in a cool air-conditioned room. Did I get to do that? No! Actually I did get to watch or was forced to watch a movie past my bedtime by my beloved nephew alias eWee - How to lose a guy in 10 days :) Okay I admit is was fun to hang out with eWee and his antics.

I do not know how but she did it. In the second weekend in college, daughter L manages to get herself painted the letter O and be part of the Rally Committee for Berkeley, positioned at the 50 yard line, televised live on ESPN during the Football game between Cal and the Maryland Terrapins! She sure knows how to get into the heart of activities. Needless to say, we just had to stay back and watch the game, So eWee stayed another day and night. Sigh.......thus began the torture.
eWee spied the Amigurumi on my computer desk. At first all he wanted was for me to make him some for Christmas. Next, he decided he wanted to make them himself. When he discovered the ready made bodies I had in my stash, he was on a roll to make himself the most fresh Amigurumi in the world. We looked up bleach characters. He wanted red hair and great coat that flared out......so there he was, draping felt over the body trying to get a good feel for his character. Thank God, I made him cut out paper templates before actually cutting the felt or I would be in the craft shopping right now, replenishing my supply. I have to admit he made (he came up the idea and"Aunt H can you sew this for me") a really fresh red undercoat. 3 hour, a white and a black overcoats later.... it was not right. Looks like Dracula not Bleach,he says. Back to square one or rather down to the red undercoat. I take off the top layers but think the red coat is a keeper. I am tired. eWee tries on other head/ body combination. He is still not happy. Break for lunch.

I tried. I tell you, I tried not to be dragged back to the project, telling him I will send him something for Christmas to no avail. He was relentless- eWee. A few more version later and he gives in. The red. white and black combination just spelled Dracula. So he set out to make a very respectable Dracula. It is late at night and my eyes are getting blurry. eWee says" You know what Aunt H, it would be really fresh if he had a top hat." Off he goes for a shower and the sucker that I am, I make a top hat. Ha, ha.... it does make the Amigurumi or as eWee like to say, " It's fresh." Take a look at Tramacula..... name for Temecula!!

You know how it is. Once you make one, you make another. So I decided to make sister C one of the Amigurumi she wanted - the Grim Reaper. He is cute don't you think so??? So C, get Grim Reaper from eWee or his mom. Don't let him keep it. I warned eWee you will do him bodily harm if he tries to keep Grim Reaper.

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  1. omg, these are SOOOO cute! haha, just in time for it getting colder... er, well where I am. :P