Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Too literal and too practical

The Silhouette SD and the box of supplies had been sitting in the guest room since it arrived sometime after 8/15. A little something for me to play with once daughter L was settled in college. Noticed the the theme here....? I have a BC and a AC going on here: Before College and At College. One day there will be AC will stand for after college. This reconfirms what I said earlier about the number of things on hold in my life while we were getting our girl off to college.

I was in my initial Amigurumi flush when I spied the Silhouette SD being offered as a one time value of $120 versus $200 to $260 depending on what came with it. Mine came fully loaded with 50 free designs, 25 gift card for more designs, 2 rolls of vinyl sheets, etching creme and some cardstock. I thought I might be able to cut sticky backed felt to decorate with Amigurumi with. Needless to say, I found it could not do that... but it could do a lot of other cool stuff. I can design graphic or text on the PC and the Shiloutte will cut it out.

Today, I installed and set up the machine. I load the paper as instructed and the LCD kept saying unload media. I tried different paper alignment, reinstalling the blade, you name it. Read online manuals. Tried and retried with same error message"unload media." READY TO RETURN IT. Finally, it dawns on me. Nothing is wrong. Duh!! The LCD was merely stating the option available to me"unload media" after I had cut out my design!!

I am thinking now it is kind of cool. Do I absolutelt need it? No. I had already printed out return label before testing it.... Hmm, it would make cool school project and gift ideas. And greeting cards and......

I think I have to stop being too literal (thus problem with *error message) and stop being so practical. I just have to say I want it and I am keeping it. So there

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