Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Past Animation

Son A's Bald Eagle project for science plus bonus project inside

The clay penguin complete with the snow slide and different balls of clay used for filming its movement frame by frame.

See the rolled up black and white ball representing penguin as rolled off the ice?

The Penguin - the Star!

While making an attempt to "fall clean" my junk/treasures I came across a shoe box that had been used by my son A, for his bald eagle science project. It had information pasted on the side along with a drawing of the bald eagle. It weighed a little heavy so I open it. Lo and behold, it held another glimpse of the past. This time of daughter L. We tend to re purpose stuff a lot in our house.

Inside the box was the penguin that L and her project partner Kimberly made for the Clay Animation class they took in 2003. I know I am great like that! Ha, ha, actually don't know where I saw this name today while rummaging/ c
leaning but there was a reference to the class and who L worked with. I searched everywhere but I cannot locate the CD containing the clay animation clips she did in 2003. I have the one from her Video editing class of that year and even the one from brother's clay animation class in 2005. Now the missing animation clip is going to haunt me. I did find a picture in my archive that now has me hunting for another missing item- a clay seal!! Yes, it was story about the seal and the penguin. The seal was not in the box!!! Thank God I had the good sense to take a photograph way back when.

The missing seal! Where could he be hiding or did I already decluttered him away?????

I just want to photograph the projects my children made before they disintegrate or are lost forever, which I hope is not the case here. Plus it is a great way to free up space and declutter. I better get to work then before all I have of those artistic endeavours are my failing memories.

PS. No, it is not all about daughter L. When I figure out how to take son's animation clips off the CD which contained the whole class's project I will blog about it. Regretfully, he does not have his clay animation figurine ( and NO I did not throw it away- he repurpose it almost immediately!)

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