Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fruits in hiding.....

It is that time of year when I start trimming down summer growth, clearing out dead leaves, and taking cuttings for the next season. This year the Dragon fruit plant had been flowering profusely all season long without setting any fruit. The plant had steadily spread and was growing into the neighbor's yard. I decided to cut that part off - as I pull it off the wall and cut it at joint, I was pleasantly surprised by a Dragon Fruit! The first ever Dragon Fruit in my garden. It was facing the inside of the leaf, right against the wall. Only when I pull the stem away from the wall, was it visible. My Mom who was here for a 6 month's visit had been checking the plant all season for fruits and now that she left- it fruited!!

We had taken some pictures of Mom in my garden before she left. In one picture, I notice a banana flower, which lead me to find it in the garden. Unfortunately for Mom, before I could show it to her, the gardener had cut off the whole stalk, flower and all, as it was leaning over the path. When I found the Dragon Fruit, I immediate turned to the banana grove. Wouldn't you know it - lo and behold, there was a huge flower high up, on one of the banana plant.

The only thing is the weather is already cooling down, I do not know successful this bunch of bananas will be. I am excited nevertheless.


  1. I hope you get to eat some bananas. I think the fruits grow quite fast. If they can't make it to fruits, perhaps you can use the flowers for cooking.

  2. The variety of banana I have is called `Ice Cream'. When it has a full season to ripen , it is good. Otherwise, it is a bit mealy. For my San Diego coastal climate, it takes between 6-8 months to ripen depending on the weather. Since this flower is happening in October, I am not that optimistic. If not for the fact I use the banana leaves for my cooking and the banana grove reminds me of home, I would use that space for some other plants. But as you can see, I am attached to the banana grove :)

  3. Yes, banana plants have this 'tropical' look and feel. It also reminds me of the kampung. I have not tried cooking (nor eaten) the flowers yet but I am tempted to buy the 'jantung pisang' to try out the recipes for salads and deep fried as banana flower chips. If yours didn't fruit, keep the flower for cooking:

  4. Deep fried banana flower chip - Wow! I am going to have to try this. Thanks for the link :)

    As you can see from my updated posting, the comb of banana is well on its way. I hope the weather remains hot enough for it to ripen.