Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekend in Flight

This weekend literally FLEW BY!!

During our first stay this week in our Temecula house, a hummingbird flew into the house and could not find its way out of the house. It finally landed on the curtain rails. I climb up on a ladder armed with a colander and a board. That is how I have always captured errant birds that fly into our various home. Lol! I put the colander over the bird, slide the board under the bird, capture and then release the bird in the open. This time the little hummingbird was so still I was afraid it was dead. Looking closely, its little heart was beating so fast but it was perfectly still- it was playing possum. I do not know if that it how it normally behaves.... In any case, it allowed me to pick it up in my hand even. I was a little afraid of it little sharp beak that was so long! Afraid it would poke my eyes out! As soon as I took it outside the house and lay it on the ground, it rolled over from its side and flew away. Both of us were happy :)

Also on that stay, we were visited by an Egret. My husband had seen it drinking form our pool. I only saw it in flight.

Yesterday, we went up for another stay, joined by my friend C and her husband. As soon as I entered the kitchen, I looked out the picture window and saw the lovely Egret. It had come for another sip of water and rest. It would appear that our home is now on it regular route to the many lakes nearby, like Lake Skinner, Vail Lake and Diamond Lake. I could not be happier :)

I took the picture through the window as I did not want to disturb it by opening the door to the patio! Hopefully, I will be able to get closer shots of the Egret the next time and post it. After a bit, the Egret just walk down the slope of our property out of sight.

While we waited for my husband to come back from his hike, I baked up a batch of Blueberry scones for tea time to tide us over. Minutes into our teatime, we heard this loud thud against the picture window. Naturally, we thought that some bird flew into the windows again so we started to go outside the house. Thankfully, I was walking slowly and looked down! A tiny hummingbird was dazed on the ground. It would appear it flew through our front door and was heading out the back of the house through the picture window! It looks like it would pay to have a dirtier window or we need to keep the front door closed!!

I touched the hummingbird, afraid that it might be dead from that hard impact with the window. It rolled side to side as I turned it. It would appear that playing possum is their modus operadi- I could see its heart beating fast. Taking a closer look at the hummingbird, it looked like this particular hummingbird had been taged. One of it little legs had a tiny silver band around it. I picked up the tiny hummingbird and took it out to the patio. Lay it on the floor. Like the previous hummingbird, it rolled over and flew away:)

Notice the little silver band on its leg

 I love living in the country and being close to nature. I am looking forward to working on my new garden.

Not all things in flight are natural. This morning, the sky was filled with beautiful Balloons.


  1. I am full of envy for the wonderful experiences you are going through now. How nice to be able to hold a hummingbird in your hands, just like Cinderella and Snow White :>)

    I'm busy with some datelines now but I'll be back to read more. Keep blogging!

  2. Ha, ha.. birds seem to be following me. I used to bring home injured birds all the time in Malaysia. It was surreal holding the hummingbird - you know it is alive because of its bright eyes and beating heart but it just rolls from side to side as you touch its body. I googled and found out that indeed the hummingbird play possum when caught.