Thursday, July 9, 2009

CROBOTS want a pet !!

Zombiebot is doing an excellent job guarding my writing instrument. He keeps me company while I blog and of course while I work on my assignment for the Photo Editing - Frames and effect classes. I have spent more time with him than those I carried within me for 9 months and brought into this world through much labor and pain (which incidentally still continues......).

Babybot is so very cute. We spoil him because he is just a BABY! So far, he sits on top of little basket, on top of the side table, beside my chair in the family room. He watches tv and monitors channel 51 Nevada. He is keeping in touch with the latest in the world. He watched the MJ tribute and I thought I saw a glint in his eyes. He had just finished uploading trivia about the 70s and 80s and knew all about MJ. I think I might have caught him trying the Moonwalk other night, just as I was switching off the lights......

Like with all children, they are always wanting something or the other. Well, that something right now is a pet!! Yes, a pet - I caved. So I am making a Dogbot for them. Dogbot is almost together or is together but I just don't like his ears so I am not giving it to the kids yet. I have to get this right.Hopefully, it is not going to take too long more because I have things to do, places to go........

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