Thursday, July 30, 2009


Squeak, squeak. Hmm, where is that coming from? Late in the night when everyone is asleep but for me and the tv, I hear squeaks and rattles. I ignore it as I am one with the tv and the dvr - watching my current obsession - Top Chef Masters! Come on, admit it you are addicted too. Who am I rooting for?? I started watching on accident. I caught the one with chef Micheal Chiarello, with his winning dessert with basil sorbet. So of course, I am rooting for him. Cooking from the garden is what I love. I have always loved Rick Bayless and the ease he interpretes and promotes Mexican food. Yesterday, for the first time I watch Chef Anita Lo in action and I was blown away!! I love how she thinks as a chef. I so called it that she would put an Asian twist on the lobster cappuccino. These three chefs cook the way I like to cook - emphasis on the ingredients and clean flavors, complex but clean. As usual I digress. Hey, that is why it is my blog. Failing writing 101....

Anyway, it appears that a number of my Crobots have one screw loose. Ha, ha I could not resist this Asian insult!! I do not want to spend my time repairing them for minor afflictions like squeaking and rattling. So, I decided I needed to make Mechanobot. He is handy with pliers,screws, nuts and blots. I figured he could take care of such things while I will take care of broken limbs and lost stuffings. Rustled around and found some hardware to make Mechanobot the very handsome, cute and handy guy he is. He is also very current- notice the use of mixed metal , silver with gold (his antenna).

And now
we have 4 CROBOTS!

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