Monday, July 6, 2009


Those funky Amigurumi CROBOTS started me crocheting again! They are so adorable - quirky, tough and yet so cuddly- watch out for the screws and bolts!! Where were they when I was big into crochet and making money off my crochet skills? It was after the major Form 3 ( 9th grade) Assessment Exam (Sijil Pernilaian Rendah) Mom taught me how to crochet.

We had all taken the all important and life changing Form 3 assessment which w
ould decide if we were going into the Science or Art stream for the rest of our high school life or horror - be booted out of the public school and have to go to private schools ( the shame). It was the examination that separated the `smarts' (Science stream kids) from the "not so smart'(art stream kids) and the 'poor things' (did not pass- go to private schools).Anyway, I seemed like we had eons of time in school after examination and waiting for the results. Mindless days in the classroom without actual lessons. Mom taught me how to crochet and I taught my friends. They fumbled while I thrived. Soon I was making bags, hats, belts you name it for my classmates and making pocket money to boot. Soon I was making tops and dresses and started taking custom orders from the boutiques and craft shops. What I meant to say is I would have much rather be making these adorable CROBOTS!!!
ZOMBIEBOT- is my firstborn Crobot. Is he not cute, rakishly handsome and tough as nails? Dear husband said I should be care and not put in those nails because little children may put them in their mouth! Hah! that is the beauty of this stage of my life- no little children. Love his dangly arms. Zombiebot has a very important job - he stands guard and making sure no one steals my pencils and pens!! I know you are so jealous because you have no one to guard over your stuff.

BABYBOT- is my second child. Did not have the right colors but I could not wait, used whatever I had. I think he is adorable. Fits perfectly in my hand. With his red receivers he received channel 51 Nevada and help keep our planet safe from aliens!!! Now, I just have to find him something at home.......

Come see how Babybot came to be........

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