Thursday, July 16, 2009


I finally gave my Crobots their long awaited dog - Dogbot! I had to stop agonizing and accept the ears was going to be what it was!! Besides, I wanted Dogbot to take care of my Crobot kids while we were away at Cal!

Dogbot's ears were supposed to be pointed in the book but it just did not work for me.... he looked more like a Catbot that way...... Hmmm.... maybe he needs a mouth. Ha, ha... then I have buy Dogbot food. What
would that be....iron filings, rust????

Left the Crobots and their pet with some snacks . Came home and found them partying. Dogbot was on top of can! House seem to survive the trip intact.

Frasier our Standard Poodle must have been envious of the partying in the house while he was on the patio outside. When I first put Dogbot on the floor, Frasier tried to bite off his head. Ha, ha.. it was only because Frasier is so large and Dogbot is so small. Frasier open his mouth and Dogbot could have fitted in it in one bite.

Lucky for him , his friend George the Labradoodle came to visit.
He is getting very suspicious whenever he see a suitcase or any signs of packing going on....He is afraid we will leave him behind again. Poor baby!!

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