Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Love Books!

Ha, ha. GOT YOU !!!

Aren't these books darling ??? On a quick little trip ( you know how a little trip becomes a huge one) to Costco the other day, I discovered amazing little books/ journal and fell in love immediately.They are so whimsy and full of possibilities. Beautifully illustrated, they have lined pages, graph pages and just plain pretty ones. I immediately thought of what I can record in them- once my creative juices get going. I can write on one page and when then graph my design on another. Perfect. Despite my best intentions with the blog, I still fail to record my cooking experiments until too late.......and I still continue to lose recipe I collect. I am thinking I could be writing these down in these darling love books. Ha, ha- do you know what has been happening? I think about writing in the book, then I don't!! What if I mess it up? Right - what if there is mess up - that is what I would tell daughter L? Just cannot take my own advice it seems..... So decided I will USE THE BOOKS and write and draw in them. Hmm- then I need to go buy more. Help!! More doing and less buying. Hopefully, I will follow through with my good intention and then be able to blog better. Here's to my Love(ly) Books.

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