Monday, August 17, 2009

Warrior Army

Been busy making my warrior army. A little something to go out into the world, to college with daughter L and some of her friends. I really had a great time making them. Making the heads and bodies took no time at all. It is joining of the head to the body- I am never satisfied with how it looks. In particular when I am joining a head to a different colored body. Most of the instructions on the blogs say a good join involved visible stitches that will blend into the stitches. Not when they are two different colors! I have yet to perfect it ( to my standard) ... I like strong invisible stitches in joining.

The most work is in the clothing and accessories. That seems to take forever to perfect. I have to work a better system or get better scissors to cut those felt weapons. So in the past week I have in my spare time i.e. while watching telly made 6 completed warriors and 7 naked bodies wanting to be transformed!

I think they turned out quite nicely. Don't you?? :)

Morning roll call with Captain Frasier
The Line up:-

Trojan and the Blue Knight

Spartan and Ninja

Cleric and the Brown Knight

Garden Duty

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